“A Taste of Romance” is Free to Read

A Taste of Romance

If you’re in the market to try a new author, or looking for a new book in romance, check out A Taste of Romance. 18 authors got together and bundled the first chapters from one of their books.

It’s available for free on Amazon— mybook.to/TasteofRomance

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Flash Fiction Addiction On Sale

Free on Amazon 07/09/2019-07/14/2019

Flash Fiction Addiction contains 101 short stories and is free on Amazon. You can also get it through Kindle Unlimited. mybook.to/FFA

Kari Holloway’s short story “A Tick of Humanity” can be found within this collection.

A single moment is all it takes. A single moment to lose one’s faith, or a single tick to restore it.

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